Wedding detail photography
Lake Tahoe wedding at the Hyatt Regency
Award-winning and published wedding photographer Kay Kroshus captures authentic moments with an effortlessly editorial edge.

You appreciate breathtaking imagery, attention to detail, and strong credentials. Yet more than anything, you’re searching for genuine storytelling — photographs that artistically show the depth of your love and will transport you back to your wedding day. 

You’re in the right place. 



Wedding on the shores of Lake Tahoe
Detail photography shots from Kay Kroshus
Lake Tahoe wedding photography from Kay Kroshus
Lake Tahoe wedding venue photography
Wedding photography in Lake Tahoe
Signature photography from Kay Kroshus
Wedding couple waving from a dock in Lake Tahoe
Wedding ceremony photography in Lake Tahoe
Bridal party photography from Kay Kroshus
Wedding at West Shore Cafe in Lake Tahoe
Detail shots of a Lake Tahoe wedding
Bride and groom on a boat in Lake Tahoe
Bridal editorial photography from Kay Kroshus
Bride and groom on the rocks in Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe wedding photography
Lake Tahoe wedding with a bride wearing a colorful dress
Edgewood Tahoe wedding photography
Photography of a bride in Lake Tahoe
Colorful flowers in a Lake Tahoe wedding
Bride standing in the trees in Lake Tahoe on her wedding day
— John Paul

Wedding photographer Kay Kroshus
Wedding photographer Kay Kroshus in Lake Tahoe

Kay draws on over a decade of experience documenting weddings. Based in Lake Tahoe, Kay combines her appreciation for a beautiful landscape, passion for capturing moments of connection, and mastery of storytelling to create captivating and meaningful imagery.

— Kristi